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a cleansing, balancing and exfoliating skin tonic

Botanical Cleansing Wash

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    Our Botanical Cleansing Wash gently cleanses to remove impurities without stripping or aggravating the skin. Infused with just a touch of kalamansi fruit juice, this wash brightens, exfoliates and hydrates–even aiding pigmentation problems. The plant distillates soothe and balance the skin. Suitable for all skin types, Botanical Cleansing Wash will leave your skin glowing and gorgeous.

    As part of our ER Skincare Routine, use Botanical Cleansing Wash morning and night and follow with one of our toning mists to tone the skin. Follow this with Marula Moonkiss Facial Oil or an Elecampane Rose serum or healing face balm. Also can be alternated with our replenishing Facial Cleansing Polish every other day.

    How to Use

    Shake gently and dab onto cotton. Gently sweep across face. Rinse to reveal radiant and brightly cleansed skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

    What's Inside the Bottle

    About the Key Ingredients:
    Kalamansi fruit juice, the key ingredient in our Botanical Cleansing Wash, stimulates the skin while minimizing irritation in the exfoliation process. Removing skin debris, it helps improve skin radiance and moisturizes.

    Floral waters, or plant distillates, infuse micro-molecules of the flower and plant oils along with key herbal constituents.

    African Black Soap is mild and moisturizing and enriched with clarifying plant extracts and beautifully rich shea butter. Ours is handmade in Ghana.

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    Botanical Cleansing Wash

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