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Nothing synthetic. Everything natural.
Filled with good intentions.

A Natural Alignment

Living in alignment with nature can be challenging in our device-driven world. At Elecampane Rose, we choose to move our focus away from distraction and toward life, care and love. That’s why our products are filled with Nature’s allies and crafted with intent.

You will never find anything synthetic, icky or toxic inside any of our handmade products. To create products that nourish our bodies and minds, we make every effort to help create the synergy that surfaces when earth’s abundance is combined with love. For us, this makes good sense. Our affinity to cultivating and utilizing natural ingredients is a mutually nourishing relationship–one that we hope benefits our customers.

By all means, please take every opportunity to take good care of yourself. Take your time. Remember that you deserve it. Get a good night’s rest. Eat well. Drink water. It’s life. And, be mindful of what you put on and in your body. While you are doing that, we’ll keep crafting sumptuous skin care, body care and life care to make things a little easier for you.

Be well.


A Note to Our Customers:

We regularly update product ingredient lists. Before use, please check packaging labels to ensure suitability for personal use.

As we transition to a new elevated look for our delightful creations, product packaging may vary. 

Meet our Founder

  • About Colette

    As a child, I was always drawn to the natural world. I was a staunch vegetarian by age 5 (the only one in my family), and I had a deep respect for living things and my place in nature. My mother, even with limited means, used food and herbs to heal us, and we spent many a weekend blending up natural remedies for our hair, skin and ailments. My mother was truly a wonderful woman, and her love and intention went into everything she cooked and created. She got it honest, as they say. Her Madea (my great-great-grandmother) was a skilled healer known far and wide. She was always with an herbal remedy. Today, she would be called a master herbalist, really a master among masters. This love for healing and for the earth’s natural bounty, it was passed down to me, and I pass it on to others by handcrafting healing products with love.