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Moon+Sea Body Gommage

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This body gommage, or body scrub, is made of a luxurious blend of salts and botanicals that can be the highlight of your shower and bath ritual. This innovative blend exfoliates dull and parched skin while relying on the the benefits of the sea to replenish and remineralize the body.

To use: With circular strokes, massage a good portion of body gommage into warm, hydrated skin until the salt begins to dissolve. Avoid any sensitive areas of the skin. Allow to remain on skin for a few calming moments as the oils and botanicals are absorbed. Rinse with warm water, finish with a light application of our Kendi + Orris Root Body Veil and lightly pat dry with towel.

About the Key Ingredients:
Blue Spirulina has an abundance of anti-aging benefits and is rich in antioxidants that help prevent sun damage and encourage elasticity and vitality. It contains superstar chlorophyl, which helps skin retain moisture and provides added cleansing.

Detoxifying Epsom salt, kiln-dried sea salt from the Pacific Ocean and sodium bicarbonate, used for its skin-softening properties all work synergistically for bath or as an exfoliator mixed with one of our oils for smoothed and revitalized skin.

Our blend of seaweeds–wakame, kombu and sea willow–firm and nourish the skin.

Oat protein creates a thin, invisible film for moisture retention, all while soothing inflammation and sensitive skin.

Virgin marula oil provides immediate and long-lasting hydration for even the most parched skin. Filled with replenishing oleic acids and powerful antioxidants, this luxury oil improves skin elasticity, leaves skin soft and improves firmness for healthy, beautiful radiant skin.

The essential oil from Helichrysum, also called Everlasting and Immortelle, is known to revitalize damaged tissue and stimulate the production of healthy cells. It balances skin by regulating sebum production and rejuvenates without irritation.

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Moon+Sea Body Gommage

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