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Gentlemen’s Grooming Collection | Oil, Tonic + Scent

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    Elevate your grooming game with our exclusive Trio for Him: Gentlemen’s Grooming Collection | Oil, Tonic + Scent. Unleash the power of natural ingredients for a revitalized complexion and an irresistible scent. Tailored for all skin types, this bundle is your key to elevated grooming. Discover it today and redefine your daily skincare ritual!

    Grooming Oil, 2oz
    This lipid-rich feast of nourishing plant oils and exotic botanicals is both astringent and soothing. It cushions and tones your skin, clearing dullness and congestion. More than just its purely functional benefits, this wonderful elixir is here to transform your facial grooming ritual into a daily regimen of power-packed moisture and skin restoration. It is light-weight and works wonders on flaky skin and dandruff. With African marula, jojoba and essential botanicals, it is good for all of your parts–beard, hair and body.

    Gentlemen's Facial Tonic, 4oz
    This calming but toning blend of plant distillates, botanical moisturizers and active plant extracts is regenerative and hydrating and reduces inflammation. A fitting compliment to your facial cleansing ritual, it is beneficial for sun damaged and aging skin while leaving skin soft, refreshed and rejuvenated. Great for all skin types but essential for skin with facial hair. It has a light scent that compliments and properties that prepare your face and beard for our Grooming Oil.

    Bwa | Gentlemen's Perfume Oil
    Our signature gentlemen’s perfume oil, Bwa, is herbaceous, clean and masculine. With its light and refreshing verbena accents, warm sandalwood and spicy juniper, Bwa promises an intoxicating scent journey for anyone who gets a whiff. At the heart of the scent profile is patchouli and balsam fir, while basil and lavender level off the top and middle. It smells so good, you’ll want to enjoy this exquisitely robust scent daily. Comes in 10mL size.

    To use: roll over pulse points and breathe in this luscious perfumed elixir. Life of the product is good for one trip around the sun.

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    Gentlemen’s Grooming Collection | Oil, Tonic + Scent
    Gentlemen’s Grooming Collection | Oil, Tonic + Scent

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