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MoonKiss Marula Facial Oil

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This opulent oil serum promotes soft, radiant skin. With its lush oils and therapeutic essential oils, it has a silky skin feel and instant skin penetration. Hydrating for all skin types, it is calming, anti-aging and deeply penetrating. Just a few luscious drops and your skin will respond lovingly. Take time. Pause and reconnect to beauty and self-care. Now in a new 30ml size!*

To use: shake gently and place 2-3 drops in the palm of your hand. Rub hands together and gently massage into skin with circular strokes, paying special attention to temples, jaw, cheek bones and brow line. This beautiful oil is best applied on freshly hydrated skin. It can also be mixed with 1 or 2 sprays of toning mist in hands before applying. Ideal after aggressive spa and grooming treatments and can be used regularly as a nightly moisturizer for face and décolleté.

About the Ingredients:
Virgin Marula oil provides immediate and long-lasting hydration for even the most parched skin. Filled with replenishing oleic acids and powerful antioxidants, this luxury oil improves skin elasticity, leaves skin soft and improves firmness for healthy, beautiful radiant skin.

Schisandra Fruit works against inflammation and dryness by reducing overactive cell turnover, producing healthier skin.

With its refreshing lemon scent, palmarosa, minimizes inflammation and revives facial skin.

The essential oil from Helichrysum, also called Everlasting and Immortelle, is known to revitalize damaged tissue and stimulate the production of healthy cells. It balances skin by regulating sebum production and rejuvenates without irritation.

Great for sensitive skin, blue tansy limits bacterial flora, is anti-inflammatory and is soothing to dry skin, neroli minimizes pores, stimulates cell regeneration and is ideal for oily and blemished skin, and rose hydrates dry skin, is astringent and soothes redness and inflammation.

Pomegranate seed is packed with antioxidants and is beneficial for skin regeneration, hyper pigmentation and collagen production.

Rosehip seed is high in essential fatty acids that help brighten skin, correct dark spots, improve fine lines and moisturize dry skin .

*Elecampane Rose quarterly subscribers can purchase the original 15ml size in their quarterly collection. Subscribe today for premium skincare and holistic wellness at a privately reduced price. See our Subscriber page for more details.

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MoonKiss Marula Facial Oil

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